Components For Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydrapac Italia is a supplier of Naldoni e Biondi components for hydraulic cylinders.
With standard components Naldoni e Biondi refers to components manufactured with those characteristics and dimensions, that are more frequently requested on the market. Standard components are produced in steel and non steel-materials and stainless steel 316 L. Their production is done inside the company workshop, in Italy, using materials coming from the European Union.
Kit components Different types of heads, pistons, end plugs, nuts, ports and seals are packed together in various combinations and supplied in kits. In this way six items are ordered with only one code; the storing place is reduced; the picking process is shortened.

The self-locking piston is characterized by a nylon collar assembled at the end of the thread that ties the piston and the rod. The self-locking system: avoids every possibility of unscrewing guarantees the tightening of the piston eliminates the additional operations and reduces the time of assembly facilitates the disassembly during the maintenance permits to re-use the piston after removal safeguards the rod integrity does not alter dimension and conformation of the standard piston.

Hydraulic Systems and Components